• FAQs

    • What payment methods do you offer?   I accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Klarna, Apple Pay.
    • What currencies do you accept?  Please choose your favourite currency from the currency selector at the top of the page.
    • What happens after I paid  with my credit card/Paypal etc.?
      A download link will be displayed after payment. You will also automatically be emailed a link to the PDF Download. When you click on the link you can download the PDF file to your computer and/or print it off immediately.
    • What happens if for some reason I don't get a link?
      Check your junk/spam box first, as Hotmail and Yahoo are often oversensitive in classifying automatic emails as spam.
    • I've checked my emails and my junk box and there's no link/my computer's blown up/got stolen/I've deleted the link by mistake/my iPad is playing up/ my mobile phone got thrown out of the window...etc Help!
      No problem! Just email me directly at info@fuchs-music.com and I will email you the sheet music personally, usually within 24 hours.
    • Can I download the sheet music to a mobile device like the iPad or iPhone? Yes, but you might need an app capable of reading PDFs. Example: iPhone will after download ask you: „Do you want to open the download with app X“ If you do not have such an app, iPhone will not ask you. The file might still be downloaded in the dedicated folder while you think the download has failed. (I use Apple’s "Books" app  to open PDF documents) For problems on mobile devices please refer to your iOS or Android instructions. 
    • I mistakenly bought the midi file instead of the sheet music. Can I exchange my purchase? Of course. First time buyers sometimes make this mistake. Please write me a mail and I will send you the sheet music usually within 24 h.